Sunday, October 25, 2009

RockLove's Halloween Giveaway!

Ms. Whimsy Beading, she comes to me this morning and says "Hey, you bite-sized pile of undercooked haggis, aren't you going to tell your readers about the RockLove Halloween Jewelry Giveaway at Haute Macabre? I promised them you would."

She promised them. Isn't she sweet? It's MY hooves getting the damage from this blasted keyboard, you ambulatory monkey!

Still, one mustn't bite the hand that gives the clover, or at least if you do, look really sheepish (get it?!) and look sorry. Works every time. I've even got the humans all upset about the "Eat Angus" promotion from McDonald's. For the record, I don't want anybody to eat me. I'd probably taste terrible.

Anyway, go check out the fabulous giveaway from RockLove and Haute Macabre and enter to win!

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    Th a-a-a-ah nk you!