Sunday, October 25, 2009

Empress Anna

Behold the Empress Anna (and part of Ms. Whimsy Beading's first tattoo), one of the latest of Mr. Whimsy Beading's collars.

Extreme closeup!

This sucker's something to see. It's got over 400 of those expensive sparkly crystals that Ms. Whimsy Beading likes so much, and over 200 glass pearls! I've seen show horses with less bling on that this collar, and boy isn't Ms. Whimsy Beading as proud as a peacock to model it. Ms. Whimsy Beading demands he make her a "steampunk one next!" He didn't argue. He's a smart man, that Mr. Whimsy Beading.

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  1. That is amazing!! You are a patient woman!

  2. A woman did not make that collar. A man did. Whimsy Beading is a husband and wife team of crafters. That's why the credit is given to Mr. Whimsy Beading.