Friday, January 1, 2010

Whimsy Beading Makes The Esty Front Page!

Esty Front Page, originally uploaded by WhimsyBeading.

I tell you, the humans are just beside themselves today. See, yesterday was Ms. Whimsy Beading's birthday, and she was already starting to indulge in the New Year's champagne when I heard her calling for me. "Angus, you overgrown sweater lint, have you been posting to the Facebook Fan Page again?" she says.

Well, I hadn't. She hadn't. Mr. Whimsy Beading hadn't. But there was a post, plain as day, saying our bracelet Mixed Metal Steam was on the Etsy front page. And what do you know, it was! Well, let me tell you folks that I've never seen two human so damned excited in all my life than the Whimsy Beadings last night. A very smart person snapped up the bracelet before the night was done.

Yay! We made the front page of Etsy! I think now would be a good time to demand a bonus, don't you?

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